All-Round Problem Solver


What I am all about.

I'm Dan Sparks, I come from a sunny seaside town called Hastings on the south coast of England, I am an all-round problem solver, specializing in the area of Computer Science and Technology, Live and Studio Music and Live Production. This website will give an overview of my skills and will list out any previous clients I have worked for

Dan Sparks Solutions ran for 2 years, as we come to a close to push into newer and greater things. I still work as a freelancer in Sound Engineering and Technical Support. If you need any assistance in these, please look at the contact section below.

Computer Science And Technology

Below is a list of skills in the area of Computer Science and Technology. These range from Programming to networking to hardware.

PHP 70%
HTML5 90%
CSS3 90%
MySQL 80%
Networking 75%
Linux, Unix and Bash 70%
Servers, Virtualisation and Load-Balancing 60%

Live and Studio Music

Below is a list of skills in the area of Live and Studio Music. These range from playing instruments in a live environment and recording instruments for a studio album.

Drums 80%
Rhythm Guitar (Acoustic) 60%
Bass Guitar 70%
Piano 55%
Ableton Live & Multitracks 70%

Live Production

Below is a list of skills in the area of Live Production. These range from Front-of-house and Monitor mixing, Lighting, Video Projection and using Live Cameras.

FOH Sound Engineering (Allen & Heath, Behringer, Presonus) 95%
Lighting 60%
Video Projection 90%
Live Cameras 80%
Live DJing 75%


Who I have worked for.

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The Hastings Community Trust

King's Church 1066

Worked as a System Administrator between 2015 and 2016, maintained their IT infrastructure and oversaw upgrading systems.

Business: Church

Location: The Ridge, Hastings TN34 2SA

Website: http://www.kings1066.org

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The Hastings Centre

I worked as a Front of House production manager between 2011 and 2016, working for live music events, sports events, conferences, and parties. This is where I gained most of my experience in live production.

Business: Events Venue

Location: The Ridge, Hastings TN34 2SA

Website: http://www.hastingscentre.co.uk

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Since 2016 I have worked at Holograph as a System Administrator. Looking after their network infrastructure and maintaining all equipment and upgrades. In this role, I have worked a lot with Linux and Unix as well as servers and virtualization.

Business: Technical Solutions

Location: Robertson Street, Hastings, TN34 1HL

Website: http://www.holograph.digital

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Newday Festival

Newday Festival runs as a week-long Christian festival for teenagers aged 11-18. In 2017, I volunteered to be a part of the production team specializing in camera work for the morning and evening meetings they ran.

Business: Summer Festival

Location: Norfolk Showground, Norwich

Website: http://www.newdaygeneration.org

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Hastings Beatles Day

For the last couple of years, I have been doing sound for the Acoustic Cafe Bar stage at the annual Hastings Beatles Day. Beatles Day is a day-long music event where they play all songs by The Beatles and raise money for charity.

Business: Charity Music Event

Location: White Rock Theatre, Hastings

Website: http://www.hastingsbeatles

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Tamara Sparks Creative

Tamara Sparks (Brunton) is a freelance creative director. She works in the areas of Photography, Music, and Art. I sort out all of her website stuff and create her a new website every few years. A new website is pending for 2018.

Business: Creative Freelancer

Location: Hastings, UK

Website: http://www.tbrunton

My Work

What I have created.

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ScoreManager is a scoring system used in quizzes, you are able to enter in team names and enter in their scores as you go, you can then check the scores for a particular round as well as the final scores for the end of the quiz. This system was developed using PHP and MySQL and was developed by Dan Sparks.

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RegManager is a registration system where you can add in people's details and register them for a particular event. This allows you to show attendance of a particular person as well as show attendance for a particular event. This system was created for a client who needed this software in order to register young people for a youth group. This product was also developed in PHP and MySQL and was developed by Dan Sparks.

Contact Me

I work freelance in both Sound Engineering and fixing computers, if you require my assistance, please get in touch with one of my contacts.

Hastings, UK