About Me

Dan Sparks is a 22 year old Computer fanatic, Entrepreneur, Musician and Technology wizard. Having great interest in computer technology from the age of 4, Dan has ventured into many different areas in computing such as Programming, Web design, Database design, hardware & software design as well as going into creative design such as video and music creation.

As well as technology and computing Dan is also into music, self teaching himself 4 instruments which he has all played from audiences ranging from 80 people to 800 people. Dan also loves watching and playing table sports such as Snooker and Pool and can solve a 3x3 rubiks cube in 70 seconds.

Clients I've worked with

King's Hastings
Hastings Centre
Tamara Brunton Photography

Found in you
Illustrated Man
New Ground
Coffee Box

My Works


Website Developer

Clients include: Tamara Brunton Photography and Portsmouth University Christian Union.

Sound Engineer

Working freelance with companies such as 'The Hastings Centre', 'WarnerSound' & 'White Light'.

Live and Studio Musician

Featured on albums such as 'Found In You' and 'The Long Rain'. Played live in venues seating 800 people.

IT Consultant & Entrepreneur

Managing Director of Dan Sparks Solutions offering IT consulting to Business' and personal users.

Database Administrator

Mantaining mySQL databases for clients and creator of DBManager.

Freedom of Information Activist

Supporting groups like 'The Pirate Party' and 'copy-me' to allow freedom of information online.

Dan Sparks Solutions

IT Consultancy, technical support and professional web design.
For more information visit the web link below.